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Mention the idea of becoming more spiritual and most will head for the nearest exit.

An Ocean of Tranquility

Getting into the Spirit of things

 Mention the idea of becoming more spiritual and most will head for the nearest exit. The fear of being coaxed into some kind of religious cult, will have them remember an appointment they almost forgot. Little do they realise that awakening our spiritual side brings about a new lease of life. Being more spiritual teaches us to remain separate from the day to day challenges we face. Even atheists must see this beneficial

This does not mean signing up to a religion. Nor is it necessary for you to study, worship or even pray to become more spiritual. In fact, it takes very little effort. However, you must first accept that it is your fear of the unknown which has kept you from exploring this. Without doing so, we become attached to the individual needs of the mind and body, and cannot imagine that there is anything outside of this.
So, how do you access your spiritual side?

all seeing chakraWhen you fully accept yourself, along with your flaws, something new comes into play. This could be called your spiritual side. Here, something else witnesses this ‘you’ which you have been so concerned about all your life.

We are not just the mind and body. Think about it, you might say, “my mind is working overtime” or “my body is hurting”. This suggests that there is a separation of some kind – there is you and then there is the body. But, what or who is the witness of the topic in question, there must be something outside of it! By becoming aware of this witness state, harmony is fond in each moment – we remain seperate.

The inner harmony generated, by accepting whatever the moment brings, has a tremendous impact on our outside world too. Having made peace with yourself, you find it much easier to accept others just as they are – warts, and all. By stepping out of our judgment role in this way, we remove the need to control others. Here, you will notice that people respond different to your new found openness.
The ultimate confirmation – that your spirit is truly alive – is when you are able to celebrate this transformation in others.
Travel Light of Mind

When humans unite, single mindedness and selfishness is transcended. This is the true meaning of spirituality. Perhaps the idea of the whole equaling more than the sum of its parts is a good example of this.
However, words alone cannot awaken your spiritual side; just as reading a holiday brochure cannot give the experience of visiting a new country. Only through action will you move beyond individual neediness and witness unity. This is the path of spiritual enlightenment.

May you travel light in your endeavours…


GM 2011