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“There is nothing as useless as doing efficiently that which need not be done.”

Finding Your Feet

running manWhether it’s self-belief or belief in something higher, your ability to hold onto your vision is paramount to achieving your target. A great way of keeping the end goal in mind is to keep bringing yourself back to basics. I liken this to the difference between walking and running. The slower we walk the more focused, grounded and stable we feel. Whereas when running, the body is in the air most of the time and can easily be knocked off balance.

So, whether it’s your first step on the ladder of success or your millionth, always try to
remember where you came from and, more importantly, where you are going.

An equal balance of air and earth is perhaps the greatest combination you could employ in order to remain productive and yoga works on this premise at many levels. Often we have too much hot air, demanding things to be different or desiring things we cannot have. But not always do we have the ability to get what we want. In spiritual terms, the root chakra (energy centre) represents the earth. This is our foundation: friends, family, manual labour, food and water. It is the premise for planting seeds of growth, without which we would become unstable. Our first step as Yoga practitioners is to stabilize all of the above through our root chakra (Muladhara).


Striving V’s Substance

mad man

When we live in our heads too much, striving to achieve the impossible, we are effectively moving away from our root of happiness and contentment.

With this in mind, our ultimate goal is to balance both the tangible (earth) and intangible (air) parts of our lives? By doing this we could learn to run, whilst maintaining the stability of walking. What a simple way of reminding yourself that you are protected and supported by Mother Earth. Whatever the situation, you can count on her stability.

To practice this, we must let go of any airy thoughts and relax into the comfort of the earth by releasing the weight of the mind into the body. Try this and pretty soon you will notice your breath, mind and body fall into alignment – this is Yoga naturally arising.

By Glen Monks 2010