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Spectrum Yoga Therapy Explained


Human evolution comes with a shift in consciousness, accessing this covers a vast spectrum of networks specific to the individual.

Fusing the ancient arts of Yoga and Ayurveda with the latest research in human development, Yoga Spectrum Therapy is a powerful tool for lasting transformation. Such an approach ensures our work is both grounded and pliable, allowing space for new paradigms to flow.

You may see Spectrum as a development process which provides deeper understanding and control of your bodies inteligence. This can have a great impact on your daily life, allowing the mind and body to heal and maintain balance.

I am not trying to change the world, just change my world, in a way that supports all of us.

Emotional Combat

Yoga is a lifelong journey that helps us make peace with the ups and downs of the human experience. It is often misunderstood that yoga is simply an exercise for the body, but it goes much deeper than this. The inflexibility of the mind and emotions is what often causes the human body to ‘lock down’ and become ill. To keep healthy on all levels requires dedication and introspection – we must seek to be active in our own well-being.

However, many feel the need for guidance – a reference point so to speak. This for many is a safe and intelligent approach. Why? Because in many cases emotions surface when relaxation is administered. This can have a negative impact if not facilitated professionally. Perhaps this is why so many people have an urge to stay active and find it hard to relax or meditate. It is also important to know that where ‘disruptive episodic memory’ and ‘trauma’ are concerned, entering states of quiet can be counterproductive. Creating freedom from emotional turbulence, via individual therapy, allows localized pain to reduce and helps move the individual towards overall stability.

When we feel supported, we generally feel more at ease and able to address our ‘shadow parts’, those traits we generally cannot see or block out sub-consciously. Such blockages can cause a whole host of mind-body malfunctions which lead to disease. The work of a Spectrum Yoga Therapist is to facilitate manageable, lasting change to build physical, mental and emotional resilience. Once revealed and transformed, the shadow aspect can then become a guiding light to help maintain homeostasis.

Subconsciously the mind works in symbols and colours, not words.

Medical science now confirms that brain chemistry creates our pleasant and unpleasant experiences. In Spectrum, we create a supportive environment where past experiences can be visited and transformed. Using symbols and visualizing colours, states of calm can reorient old ways of thinking. This is known as neuroplasticity. Once emotional turbulence is settled, we then seal the new experience, into the physical form, with gentle somatic movement.

All light can be defined by colours of the rainbow. In Spectrum, light is poignant, because light is synthesized for hormonal regulation. The Pineal Gland is the hormonal king pin and when positively affected, by the right kind of light, balances our circadian rhythms. When brain chemistry is balanced, our internal dialogue becomes more vibrant. This improves the way we integrate with our environment and adapt to new experiences – both are signs of healthy metabolism.

Esoteric Alignment (for the yoga practitioner)

Physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual growth, all require an integral approach. Hatha yoga address the physical body, to penetrate more complex aspects of the being. But often, emotions, running in the nervous system, create resistance in the physical form. In Yoga Spectrum, we recognise Manomayakosha (the emotional body) as the living, dynamic sheath, which inhibits feelings of connection to the outer world. Often emotional trauma causes the physical body to harden and if stimulated can further exacerbate the problem. In such cases, the emotional body (manyomayakosha) needs to be employed. Only with emotional resilience, can human expression be elevated to higher states of consciousness.

In yoga, the psychic passage, which extends between Moolhadara (the base chakra) and Anja (the third-eye chakra) is experienced and unblocked. This has generally been approached from the bottom up. Yoga Spectrum Therapy recognises the importance of a gross to subtle approach, but where trauma is concerned we seek to stabilize the emotional body first.

The word Yoga stems from the Sanskrit word yug – to join. Such unification in esoteric texts suggests the uncoiling of the sleeping serpent named Kundalini which sits at Moolhadara. With emotional stability, the physical form opens, allowing kundalini to travel its stages (chakras) towards unified presence. Here, momentary truth is realized and the soul of the universe embraced.

Kama Yoga in Action

Statistics show we are a stressed population that doesn’t balance it’s health particularly well, so there’s no surprise that medication and or distraction tactics are on the increase. Kama yoga suggests that we create our own suffering, which can be hard to accept. To dismiss this is to confirm ignorance, and yet to address it stirs agitation. But, if we do create everything ourselves, then as individuals, we have solutions to our own problems. Spectrum Therapy works from this premise, by aligning the individual from the inside out. With individual guidance, deep transitional change can be realized and maintained.

The big question is… are you ready to welcome the change?


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