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Alone we float, single notations, trying to be heard; unless together we create the music of the universe.

The brutality of nature comes in many forms. Hunters and prey seek to thrive while extinction looms for many. Survival of the fittest mentality spills onto the very streets we walk. Many humans seek more than the lion’s share. It seems, the more we have, the more our sense of lack. There is no doubt, the technological world in which we live brings insatiable hunger. That is, unless we learn to better socially adapt.

Imagine… the arctic wind cuts as frostbite sets in. There is food left only for one, your partner is weak, but you anticipate help is on its way. The warmth of your bodies soothes the emptiness of being alone. Survival is imminent. Do you spend your last hours together or increase your chance of survival and take the meal?

Neanderthal expression, at its rawest, seeks only to protect itself. Instinctually, we are built for survival, our physiology just works that way. The human body will shut down in systematic order to protect its vital organs if necessary to survive. But as social – spiritual – beings have we not evolved?

We can find many excuses for our shortfalls, but until families unify societies will remain broken.

A fox fight, between mother and offspring, erupts, fur flies as blood splatters across the crisp white snow. The time has come; the adolescent male has learned to survive and now must leave, a new chapter begins for both. Such instinctual behavior is not the same for humans, over mothering and absent fathering is widespread. The umbilical cord of many boys remains well into manhood. The same absent fathers hold onto daughters – they know the minds of men!

‘I love my family to death, let anyone cross that line and see what happens!’ This is the battle cry. Yet, beneath the tight circle of family, many lives are controlled, bullied and abused by those closest. The blood is thicker than water syndrome is often an outlet for mankind’s frustration. Children, wives, and even husbands are beaten, blamed and discreetly blundered into submission. Hate, shame, and guilt run deep in our blood, less we ‘leech out’ our indifferences. And, if such traits underlie our closest relationships, how can we function as a tribe?

The backbone of tribe is formed when moral men are fully present; it is here women feel safe and siblings are taught the values of community. To date, women have carried much burden, observing men in their weakest hours. The rise of the feminine has not come from women needing to have power, but from men losing their sense of Tribe. Men have the power to shape communities, not because they are stronger, but because women need their support. When good men show up, adolescent males will turn into better men.
This act of bravery can only be initiated by the masculine, for it requires men to face their Neanderthal conditioning. It is only when our family units learn to better harmonise that we will colonise and thrive.
WOUNDED WARRIORS – build emotional strongholds

With competition, fierce on the battlefield of life, it seems there is no room for lagging. Thus, supporting other brothers and the fatherless young is rare. It seems a man’s quest is to build a physical and emotional stronghold that will withstand penetration. Such ivory towers are the very cause of man’s anxiety and the lifeblood for emotional turbulence and lack of connection.

From good intention, blind egos are developed. Yet, beneath layers of subtle manipulation, acceptance, and control there is an innate reason for all our actions. To unify. However, to do so is a man’s greatest challenge. But, what if warriors wore their wounds with pride? What if a man’s vulnerabilities and insecurities became the medals he wore across his chest? Such bravery far supersedes the rigidness of a fat King that deceives his people.
FLOCK MENTALITY – own your shit!

If fullness of expression is man’s true purpose, then gatekeepers within tribes must open their hearts and own their shit! This requires great courage and the ability to surrender what holds us back as a species.

Imagine…Geese sit by the cold water’s edge; wings twitching, necks bobbing as anxiety sweeps through like a plague. The journey ahead arduous, but comfort depends on warmer climates. The young become fraught with uncertainty. What to do? Amongst the tension there is wisdom, yet nothing happens. Then one male draws back its wings, holding stance. A few elders notice his intention. He hesitates. Then, in one mighty swoop, he bursts into flight.

The observant follow his lead and, as they gain altitude, a formation of feathers lifts as one. Amongst the jet stream the flock unifies and, as positions change, other well-travelled birds take the lead. A collective memory is formed, enriched by the knowing that together they will reach their destination.