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Full Moon Writing Excercise

Narayan Kriya (cleansing the water elelment for prosperity and health)

“There are three things that cannot be hidden: the Sun the Moon and the truth.”
The Buddha


It may seem easy for you to worship the Sun, due to its life giving properties. But Mother Nature is at her best on the lunar eclipse, during which a writing meditation can benefit the mind and body a thousand fold.
We call upon the Moon’s energy when practicing any type of forward bending. This is the ‘Ha’ in ‘hatha yoga’ it brings a calm and nurturing polarity to our being, which is underpinned by a sense of clarity, unlike its counterpart the sun (Tha).
The Moon’s energy can help us to look within and centre ourselves. It is here, we begin to heal inner conflict and transcend habitual patterns, by turning our darkness towards the light.

Sit in a steady, comfortable posture; ground through your root chakra (Muladhara), at the base of the spine. Gently lift upwards from the occipital bone, the lower part of the skull, to awaken the Ida and Pingala nadis (the left and right channels through which pranic energy travels). You might notice the more you lift, the more grounded you feel. Here, as the calming energy of the moon meets any inner resistance, you can experience the joyful pulling apart of any old neurosis to which you have been clinging.

Next, invoke all ascended Indian and Tibetan yogis to witness and consecrate this sacred practice. Now begin to write and then write some more: write down solutions to your fears, doubts and any ill feelings that are currently holding you back. Write loose and free as if the Divine himself were to answer your requests. As the moon governs the great oceans, you may shed some tears while writing – let them flow, for this is a ‘letting go’ of trapped emotions you may have been holding.

Now leave your words, and worries alike, in the moonlight by your windowsill to be cleansed by the healing beams of light.

Release yourself into the night knowing that you are safe and loved in her arms.

Closing Mantra

Sat Narayan Hari Narayan Hari Narayan Hari Hari