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 it doesn’t matter if it’s your first or millionth step down the path of self discovery, liberation can be yours

The Nectar of Enlightenment

As spiritual seekers, we are told that gaining mastery over our ego will promise liberation. What a lovely idea, but how do we drink from the fountain of enlightenment, in practical terms?

The very moment you think about duality, you inevitably fall slave to its grip. Why, because when ‘you’ think about ‘something’ you immediately enter into a subject object relationship. First there are your thoughts and feelings and then there is the subject matter. It is this dual way of looking at things which creates the concept of duality. As human beings, with a name, body and mind, it is difficult to accept anything less than a dual existence. But, what about this ego we are told we must sleigh?

In Practical Terms

In daily living, it is possible to bathe in an ocean of bliss. Transcendence is something we can experience on a regular and reoccurring basis. You do not have to wait until you become a Buddha or until finding yourself surrounded by a glow of luminosity. Such states, nice as they sound, remain elusive for most.

It’s nice to learn that whatever you have been seeking is already within you. It was there even before you began looking. Call it ‘Soul Consciousness’ , ‘A Coming Home’ or whatever you like. You already are what you seek! The veil of duality is  lifted immediately the moment you realise this for yourself – albeit for a split second. Each titbit of realisation like this, those ‘Aha’ moments, are like road signs pointing you in the right direction. Pretty soon, through earnest practice and inquiry, you will notice such moments pave the way to your own personal nirvana. As small and insignificant as they may seem, every moment that you fill with right knowledge welcomes home your intrinsic nature – your Buddha Nature.

Welcoming this mindset allows us to better deal with the ups and downs of the world and accept all situations as merely ‘happenings’–  like leaves floating on the river of life. Here, duality is diluted and ceases to leave you in the mist – so to speak. As we begin to link each liberating moment, our thirst for self knowledge becomes quenched by the nectar of enlightenment.

GM 2012