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GROUP SESSIONS & PRIVATE COACHING: If you have a community group or work team that may benefit from holistic learning this page highlights courses available…


Effortless Weight-loss
“We are moving towards an epidemic of  Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes, and Obesity. The general information around diet and balancing blood sugar is out-dated and not serving our population”.

Effortless Weight-loss

Combining over 30 years of health and well-being experience, Glen and Daryl offer a unique collaboration that makes lasting health and weight management more realistic and accessible. Delivering a collection of interactive workshops, in a small intimate group setting, you will learn simple steps to balance and maintain a healthy body index and improve your overall fitness. The course consists of 8 mixed theory and practical sessions that override many of today’s misconceptions around diet and exercise. We aim to take you on a life-changing, transformation journey that will reset your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine.

During the process you will begin to balance your weight, gain more energy, and dramatically improve your mind-set and life quality. This is not another diet plan but more so a life-enhancing program that will serve you for the rest of your life. Participants have the option to include private coaching which is tailored to each individual and specific need.

Each module includes:

8 weekly sessions £80

8 weekly sessions plus 4 private coaching sessions £120 (preferred option for best results)


Building Resilience
“Building resilience is a multifaceted and personal approach. There is much information on the subject, however, getting started is often the biggest hurdle”.

Resilience Capacity Building

The word resilience builds connotations around being powerful, strong and able. In this workshop, you will discover the subtler aspects of developing and maintaining resilience. You will learn, that to smash through the walls of personal development and become ‘successful’ does not require the blood, sweat and tears you were led to believe. No, resilience is about meeting the world with compassion, understanding, of self and others, and sustaining this for longevity.Resilience Training Link

Yoga Spectrum Therapy – Level 1
“Shanti is the bliss body of yoga – bliss is the understanding and moving away from sorrow, towards peace. ‘Ananda’ is the bliss that exists within joy and suffering – Yoga Spectrum Therapy Training helps us develop the ability to harmonise with both polarities.”.

Resilience Capacity Building

Yoga Spectrum Therapy is a spiritual pursuit and not a sedation technique, like some other practices which numb or distract the mind. Instead we confront the mind and begin to develop new behaviours. We accept the flow of things, but never without measuring the life experience, and what practical steps can be applied to generate more harmony. To be with the pain and suffering of our limitations is a valuable life skill, but, to ignore the possibility of transformation is spiritual ignorance. We gain such courage in the heart chakra, our spiritual centre, where faith, patience, integrity and surrender flow into a melting pot of bliss.

OM Communication
“The session is about finding our authentic self-connection and how this improves our connections with others. “To reduce isolation is to build community and this is something we all have a role in.”

Community Ecological Development

Through mature, interpersonal relationships we come to know the power of connection. However, in today’s competitive arena we rarely reveal, with full expression, who and how we are. It’s not cool to ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ perhaps out of the fear of being less than perfect. All the while, we attempt to ‘fake it until we make it’. But, what if your relationships were built on authenticity, would you present a better version of yourself?

I look forward to working with you

Equanimity knows no boundaries. All nationalities, abilities and economic structures fall under this paradigm. Policies, political terminology and legislation must not divide us. Without community cohesion, the paradigm of thrive and survive will remain and those concerned will fight only for their corner. Only when fear and self-gain are superseded by humanistic values, such as equanimity and contentment, will we find harmony. The shift will come from collaboration and a willingness to go beyond our individual needs.

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David Calvert- Orange
“Glen supported our charity and this has helped get our message across to a much wider audience”
Dr Tony Anu
“I am very pleased to be working with Glen and support his work wholeheartedly.”
Tom Man Alive Project
“Glen has helped a lot with my personal and work life . I am thankful for the course support”
Kai Hannan
“A pleasure working with Glen, he is a true professional. I have no hesitation in recommending his services”