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Here is a list of classes in the local area, try different teachers before you reserve your judgment of whether Yoga is right for you.

Your Questions Answered

How can yoga help me?
Yoga is about finding harmony which is something we in the West find hard to manage. If your life feels like something is missing or you long for inner peace, then Yoga can help.
How long is a session?
A typical session lasts for one hour. This depends on the teacher; one to one sessions usually last longer, depending on your specific needs.
Do I need to practice?
Such is life, that in order to improve we need practice. However, the strain and sweat you might associate with previous forms of exercise is left behind when practicing Yoga. It is more about allowing Yoga to naturally unfold.
What if I am not very flexible
Much to the surprise of many, Yoga is not about flexibilty. The only thing you need to flex is your mind, by showing up and making effort. You may find flexibility will come as you loosen your rigid thinking and worry a less.
What if I have no Balance
In many ways Yoga is about balance and, if you do not have it, Yoga will help you to find it.
How much will it cost?
Yoga sessions vary from £5 to £10 depending on the teacher. Private Yoga therapy is around £30 to £40 per hr – sessions usually last more than an hour.
What do I wear?
It is best to wear something loose and casual. Something that you feel comfortable in, allowing you the freedom of movement. However, true Yoga is not about looking the part.
How many private sessions?
Your first session may be the most profound. You may wish, at a later stage, to develop your practice – private sessions can be more specific to your individual needs.
What if I have a health condition
Before beginning it is advisable to consult your G P – to get the go ahead. That said if you can walk and breath, even for a short distance, then you can develop a practice. Yoga is also suitable for wheelchair users alike – remember Yoga is not about physical capability.
I am nervous about yoga
When begining something new, it is natural for some anxiety, without which you would not be human. By switching this nervous energy into something positive, the many benefits of Yoga will become clear. Through practice many people loosen old patterns of anxiety.


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